Soft Touch Bingo Daubers.
Thanks to
member feedback we once again were able to offer easy to use, soft touch refillable tube bingo daubers. These soft touch daubers were loved by bingo players suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel as well as other debilitating hand/wrist disorders. Unfortunately, soft touch daubers are currently out of stock.


BINGO, a website dedicated to providing bingo players and enthusiasts up to date bingo strategies, information and bingo supplies. is your first place to look for birthday gifts, christmas gifts or gifts for yourself. With several styles of bingo daubers in numerous colors you're sure to find exactly what you need for your next bingo game. Sunsational bingo duabers to brighten your night, Soft Touch bingo daubers to ease your pain, tried and true Dab-O-Ink dabbers, Poka Dot mini bingo daubers for special games and the accessories you need to complete your lucky night.
Thanks to all of our customer feedback we have been able to create fun light hearted bingo merchandise that is separate from our original idea of building your own kits. To keep our promise of being the best online source to products we have added merchandise ranging from t-shirts and hats to aprons and clocks. We have the perfect t-shirt for husbands, the cutest little baby-bib for your child or grandchild, a clock that reminds you of bingo every minute of day, and even more! To take a look at our apparel and other items now. Or take a peek at all we have to offer by browsing the product pages to the left of your screen.

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In the News...
New England Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown hosted the Troy Brown Celebrity Bingo benefit at Gillette Stadium. Many athletes such as linebacker Bobby Hamilton, tight end Christian Fauria and Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra were seen playing bingo. The celebrity Bingo benefit brought fans and athletes together to raise money for the Patriots Charitable Foundation, the Celebrities for Charities Foundation, and the United Way.

Sororities trying their luck.
Many colleges and universities have begun hosting bingo games, the rooms are filled with college-aged females trying their luck at this game of chance. Instead of winning cash games universities hit home by offering prizes such as groceries and gift certificates to Wal-Mart. Females love it! They're hanging out with friends, relaxed, not having to worry about getting hit on by guys with their “Oh, so un-original lines” and they have a chance to win stuff they need. One girl told us “We (her and her sorority sisters) sometimes go to bingo to hide from the boys, we can be real and just hang out - It's Fun!”

A celebrities hide-out?
Celebrities are known to show up in places where they have less of a chance of being noticed. If you notice celebrities like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Aniston or Britney Spears at your local bingo hall, show your respect. They are there, much like you, to get away from everyday stress and just relax. When you hear them yell B-I-N-G-O don't think negative about how much money they already have, keep in mind the money they contributed, which like your contribution is donated to charity.

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